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The library has a rotary blade sharpener. Bring your used blades to a meeting and sharpen them up and save yourself some bucks! Until the blade sharpener is paid for, we are asking that you donate fifty cents to the Bee's treasury for each blade you sharpen, and when it's paid for, then all blade sharpening will be free to our members!

Digital Library up and running!

In order to make the Bee's library more accessible and useable for all the members the library has gone digital.  No more checking out a book! Simply look at the publication list to see what digital books, DVD's and books with CD's the library has available.  Contact the librarian and the digital item will be brought to the meeting to dowload on your personal flash drive. For books with CD's you can check these out for 1 month.

Also, new to the library is digital quilt patterns.  These can be e-mailed directly to the members.

Library Ebooks

Library EPatterns

How to use the digital library:

1. Click on either "Ebooks" or "EPatterns".
2. Scroll through the selection of books or patterns.
3. See one you want to use. Contact the librarian.
4. "EPatterns" can be emailed to you fast. "EBooks" depending upon the size of the book can also be emailed to you. If it is too large the librarian can make you a CD copy.
5. Do you want all the "Ebooks" and "EPatterns" available, bring a flash drive to the meeting and the librarian can download the materials for you.