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Do ya wanna make a quilt?  Here's the very basics of the supplies you need to get started:

Supply List for Beginning Quilter

(bring to your first meeting)


Sewing Machine with ” foot if you have it (if you don’t we’ll show you how to set up your machine to sew a ” seam consistently.  Your sewing machine only needs to sew a straight line stitch, nothing fancy is required. (Don’t forget your foot pedal, a common mistake L and an extension cord.) Bring your sewing machine manual.


Also, you will need a neutral (tan, white, or gray) color of thread in your machine.


We will have an iron and ironing board so you don’t have to worry about that.  (Note:  You’ll find a new love for your iron, but you will not be obligated to iron your clothes, you’ll just use it for quilting.)


Suggested Supplies:


Rotary Cutter (suggest a 45mm Olfa Rotary Cutter) with extra blade


Rotary Cutting Mat (suggest Olfa 18” X 24”)


Ruler (suggest Omnigrid 6” X 12” or 4” X 14”)


NOTE:  Or, Joanne’s has a beginners kit that will have these items and this will be fine.  This is all you need to get started.  If you want to wait until you can use your coupons for things at Joanne’s or Hancocks, we’ll have supplies for you to borrow to get you started in class.




Bring fabric scissors  (any size is fine)

Seam ripper  

Pin cushion and straight pins

Fabric marking pins (washable or air remove)

Extra filled bobbins for your machine

Travel iron and ironing pad (we supply this at the Bee meetings)


Notepad and pencil (if possible, bring a three ring binder and you can start a notebook of instructions and samples as you learn!)


Two or three “fat quarters”.  If you don’t know what a “fat quarter” is, ask any quilter or any fabric store staff member.


Your dancing shoes (just kidding)


Chocolate (not kidding) J

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody interested in learning how to quilt or anyone who has quilted for years.  We want this to be a democracy, you will help decide what projects to learn and do.